May 20

Yellowbelly: the fecund Warrego nursery

Do you know that the Warrego River is a super-rich nursery for yellowbelly (Golden Perch)?

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Apr 20

A frog’s dream: Connectivity in the Warrego

The Warrego river is having its best flow in ages.  The floodplain is connected to the channel and hundreds of hectares of habitat is being inundated.  We can’t get out there to have a look because we are in our homes helping to keep the community safe.  But we can guarantee the frogs are having a field day.

Figure 1. Green tree frogs (Litoria caerulea) are one of the many frog species known to thrive in the Warrego floodplain and channels after good flows during the warmer months. We spotted this one in the Warrego during a frog survey for the LTIM Project.



Apr 20

Newest member of the 2rog team

A warm welcome to Shjarn Winkle

Shjarn is an Environmental Scientist, passionate about the conservation of Australian ecosystems. She is keen to get in the field and study the environment in Australia and abroad. In the 2rog office, Shjarn is busy with engagement, reporting, compiling and sharing our stories. The weekend often sees Shjarn at local markets or our various National Parks.

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