Monitoring Evaluation and Research (Flow-MER) Program in the Gwydir and Warrego-Darling Selected Areas In conjunction with UNE we help to direct and undertake the Gwydir and Warrego-Darling MER programs for the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO). Our contribution includes: helping to design the monitoring program, leading teams of scientists to capture information on water quality; micro- and macro-invertebrate survey; fish; frog; waterbird and vegetation. We also communicate the outcomes of the science, not just the detailed annual reports but to a broader audience, both in-person and online. We have really been enjoying the challenges of reaching as large and diverse and audience as possible. This is a big, complex project that involves a team of many scientists and key stakeholders, on the land and within government. Our very own Dr Paul Frazier presented some of the outcomes of Flow-MER Project at the RBMS’s River Fest, 2020. Click here to view the recording of his presentation. Click here for more 2rog News and MER stories For more information, please visit the CEWO websites below: