Issue 7 Dhagaay, Gagalin, Bidyin, Yellowbelly

Yellowbelly hold cultural values rooted in economics, social and environmental health, spirituality & as good old tasty tucker. These medium-sized native fish live throughout the Murray-Darling Basin and are known by different names in different regions. The names Golden perch, Callop and Murray perch might sound familiar to you. Did you know they are also known as “Dhagaay” in Gamillaraay/ Kamilaroi language and “Gagalin” or “Bidyin” in Wiradjuri language?

Issue 5 Fish, flows and food

Native fish play an important role in the environment of the Murray Darling Basin. They also have a large social and cultural value to many Basin communities. How we use water in our rivers has changed their natural flow patterns and impacted native fish communities. Deciding how we use water for the environment can therefore provide major benefits to sustaining our native fish.