Kevin Knight is our newly appointed Gurnu-Baakandji (Warrego-Darling) Selected Area Cultural Advisor. This role is a pilot program to help to guide communication and engagement with Traditional Owners in the country of the Gurnu-Baakandji People. Kevin will help us to listen and learn from First Nation communities.


“Hello my name is Kevin Knight. I have just been appointed as the new cultural advisor for the Warrego-Darling (the Baaka) selected area. I am a Gurnu/Baakandji man, Gurnu being a clan group of Baakandji nation. The Baakandji nation covers Bourke right down to Wentworth- taking  in parts of the Warrego and Paroo Rivers. Gurnu people are known as the river people, our totem is the eagle. My family has been associated with the Warrego River for generations, and myself more recently through identifying cultural sites and also through sitting on the Toorale advisory board. In this role I’m hoping to achieve some positive outcomes for this program as well as for my aboriginal peoples. Thankyou, I hope to meet you all soon. Thanks Bye”