Issue 59 Meet this species featuring burraalga and kularku

Brolgas, like most waterbirds, will go with the flows, preferring shallower waters where they can search for vegetation and plant matter. For water regulated systems such as the Gwydir and Mehi, Commonwealth water for the environment plays a vital role in encouraging this species to call the area home. Read more about this incredible waterbird here.

CEWH Article – Rivers, the Veins of our Country

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder is embedding First Nations wisdom and knowledge into The Flow-MER Program – their dedicated science program. This comes after a successful pilot program that took place in the Gwydir and Warrego-Darling catchments. The CEWH shared their latest edition of Rivers, the Veins of Our Country read their article about the success of the pilot program here.

World Frog Day

World Frog Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness for frogs and other amphibians. Frog populations have been under threat and many species are disappearing, or have already gone extinct! Studying wetlands and floodplains means we encounter frogs during our monitoring frequently, particularly in times when flows in the systems are good. To celebrate World Frog Day we’re shared some frogs we’ve come across in the Guwayda (Gwydir) and Warriku-Baaka (Warrego-Darling) catchments.

Issue 56 Meet this species featuring wirlu-wirlu

The eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis), called the wirlu-wirlu by the Kurnu-Baakandji, has the second most toxic venom of any snake in the world. This species of brown snake can be found in both the Warreg-Darling and Gwydir Selected Areas. In this story we highlight some interesting facts about this venomous species.